Condizioni Generali


Obligations of the Buyer
Purchase Order
Conclusion and effectiveness of the Contract
Availability of Products and voucher. Shipment
Payments. Execution of the Contract. Terms of delivery
Customs Compliance, fiscal and administrative
Faculty of Fattoria Torre a Cona
attributable Appearance
Right of withdrawal
Guarantees to the consumers and to the Professionals
Applicable law
Mediation and jurisdiction

1. Background

With these general conditions of sale on line ( "ECGV"), Fattoria Torre a Cona, VAT IT-05026700483, with registered office in Piazza Cesare Beccaria 2-50121 Florence · ITALY ( "Farm to Cona"), relations discipline Business with surfers and buyers, as defined below, on the basis of electronic trading.
For all matters not provided for by the present ECGV please refer to (i) warnings and (ii) Privacy.

2. definitions

At expressions conventionally indicated with a capital letter (whether in the singular or plural) shall be assigned the following meaning:

Site: The Internet site accessible at URL:;
Buyer: person who concludes the contract with Fattoria Torre a Cona. By virtue of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree n.206 / 2005), is defined consumer the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to business or professional activity ( "Consumer") and professional natural or legal person acting the exercise of their business or profession, or an intermediary ( "professional"). When in the present ECGV refers to the Buyer, it is intended to include both the consumer that the Professional; otherwise, reference will be made to the interested party (for example, the clause on the right of withdrawal, exercisable only by the Consumer);
Registration: the operation that involves the release of authentication credentials ( "Identification Codes"), represented by a User ID (in the form of alphanumeric code) and a password (in the form of alphanumeric code), which provide access to the private area (login). The registration serves to uniquely identify the buyer in case of purchases made over time and allow for better usability of the site, including through access to the restricted area;
Parts: Fattoria Torre a Cona and the Buyer;
Transaction: any operation carried out electronically which involves the occurrence of a load of the Parties bonds;
Product: object covered by the single Transaction (products and accessories). All information relating to products harvested in the schedule will not be considered binding for Fattoria Torre a Cona if not in the forms and in the manner prescribed by ECGV. It notes that the card contains data and relevant information of the product that in case of special needs is the responsibility of the Buyer ask Fattoria Torre a Cona additional information on the product;
Contract: agreement for the sale of one or more products concluded electronically between the Parties pursuant to these ECGV. The Contract is considered concluded at the place where it has its registered office Fattoria Torre a Cona;
Navigator entity that visit and browse the site, pledging to enforce discipline here planned for it, even if the Buyer;
the amount to be paid as consideration for the purchase of the Product
The price indicated in the Product card is only valid for the Consumers
For consumers, whether they are residents or not in the European Union, the price in Euros and specified in the listing of the Product must be deemed to include VAT, if any, subject to the provisions of Article 8 in relation to charges arising from the import.
For Professionals, whether or not domiciled in the European Union, the price - to be exclusive of any disbursement of tax required by legal regulations and, in particular VAT and the import charges referred to 'Article 8 - is subject to specific negotiation with Fattoria Torre a Cona, as the next article 5B
Charges: Additional charges paid by the Buyer to purchase the product, such as for example, the postage (which is also included in the packaging). These costs are, however, specified to the Buyer before the conclusion of the contract;
Financial intermediary: the subject agreement with Fattoria Torre a Cona, by which it can be made to pay the price and costs (for example, paypal, bank, etc.).
Delivery: for the exercise of the options provided by the guarantees and the right of withdrawal, it is intended as such the material receiving the Prod