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The extra virgin olive oil from Fattoria Torre a Cona is made by a blend of Frantoio and Moraiolo olives with a small percentage of Leccino ones.

The olives are hand-harvested at the right stage of ripeness, which generally coincides with the end of October beginning of November.

The processing is done in selected mills within 24 hours after the harvest. The oil so obtained is immediately filtered to preserve its excellent organoleptic and nutritional qualities. It has a very low acidity, expressed as oleic acid 0.22%, a great content of omega 3 ( 6.62mg/kgt.) and a consistent allocation of tocopherols ( 184 mg/ kg) The oil has an herbaceous, fruity flavor that reminds the olives.

The taste is appreciated immediately with a strong fruity flavor and a hint of spice at the finish.