There is nothing like a dream, to create the future

Hospitality at Torre a Cona is part of plans imagined and implemented over time. We have poured heart and soul into a quest to restore some of the farmhouses on the estate, converting them into apartments imbued with fine Tuscan taste.

The second leg of the journey was the partial restoration of the eighteenth-century villa that stands commandingly over the entire property.

Following a lengthy and detailed redevelopment, we were finally ready to reopen the doors of the villa to share this special place with you.


Like everywhere else in the world, we were obliged to stop.


Our enthusiasm and energy remains the same and we continue to look toward the future.

We know that waiting—and dreaming—will make the experience even more intense and authentic.

For this reason, we have designed two exclusive packages, so that we can begin sharing the Torre a Cona experience with you today.

Only a limited number of these experiences are available, for a limited time.

A selection of our finest wines will be delivered straightaway to your home, accompanied by an invitation to come and discover Torre a Cona next year through tours and experiences crafted just for you.

Torre a Cona has decided to donate part of the proceeds of this initiative to Dynamo Camp Onlus, because for the first time since 2007 the Camp had to suspend the 2020 summer sessions for children with serious or chronic diseases and their families. But the Camp will still operate with Extraordinary Sessions.

Extraordinary because they will be dedicated to categories of fragile people never hosted at the Camp who need help, today more than ever (social, economic hardship or who have experienced the COVID-19 emergency firsthand as doctors and health personnel).

Extraordinary is the help that Dynamo Camp currently needs to make possible what seems impossible today.